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Cupom: Pristontale2

Physical Defence composition


 Fourge Games

Many things are told, many winds has blow, the true need to be taking as they are.
the people of priston world are starting to get hairloss with those thoughts.
is there a defence cap as like there is a better city to aging up?
there is a working place thrue those numbers, as there are movement of hands affect my aging luck?
well, with those thoughts we got this...

Physical Defence : 
Ability of the player to reduce physical damage taken.

How it works:
Absorb a percentage of acquired damage can be 0% up to 80% of damage reduction.

How its Calculate:

PVE Instance (PVP have others variables)
% Damage_reduction = Target_Defence / ((Monster_Level)²)*0.07 + ((Monster_Level - Target_Level)*3) 

The higers the attacker's level, less the target defence.
The higers target defence, less attaker's damage.
The higers target's level, less attacker's damage.

Keep tune to lear more about status composition and more...
until that... how you think "Block" works?

* the defence cap is real, but not the way you think, and its not true, you can change it ! its dynamical... (The aging part is all true, by tha way =P )

Priston Tale 2 Team.



**140 character limit, 30 seconds between posts.

AnjosTiago   10/11/2021 11:04:42 PM
Tudo certo ADM deu mais valor ao level .
Ozora   10/9/2021 10:38:57 PM
Ozora   10/9/2021 10:38:39 PM
Parabéns e esse o caminho certo quem está chorando e quem tava mamando na era kkkk
Ozora   10/9/2021 10:37:51 PM
Muito bom essa at gostei demais por que heavy estava muito rogado e matando os robe nas dungeom
Zangetsu   10/9/2021 1:10:25 PM
antes de fazer esse fracassada atualização, pq nao pede opinao para quem sustenta vcs, para nao falir devez o game.
kardec   10/9/2021 1:08:10 PM
atualização piada.. o game ja estava caindo, agroa caiu de vez parabens
lordWoman   10/9/2021 1:06:42 PM
que merda adm fez !!!! desanimador
Godfrey   10/9/2021 1:05:54 PM
Adm, vcs que falir o jogo mesmo ne.. nao quer mais o jogo passa o codigo e o game que monto um servidor..
WandaMaximoff   10/9/2021 1:04:33 PM
atualização fracassada para os verdadeiros investidores do game!
DalsiN   10/9/2021 11:38:09 AM
Later many kavas test with druid and comba set full 85 19 is really hard, all robes die less druid on helleda with bufs priest, ata, hp clan. Zakarak almost die with druid, i never saw hp so low in this boss -8k hp -36k def druid now
Arianthel   10/9/2021 6:52:56 AM
A few days ago I bought forces from the item mall. You have removed the orb power from all items with this update and now the forces are useless. I ask you my GC back. Thank you
Drone   10/9/2021 3:55:27 AM
Target_Defence := 30000, Monster_Level := 85, Target_Level := 83 Target_Defence / ((Monster_Level) ^ 2) * 0.07 ((Monster_Level - Target_Level) * 3) = 6.29 6% de redução com 30k de defesa?
Banta   10/8/2021 10:51:25 PM
Thanks for now completely ruining the game, I guess I go and play New World now. Have fun all with this new shit
ForSetti   10/8/2021 8:37:58 PM
boa noite, quero saber quando seremos reembolsados pelos pagamentos feitos, afinal de contas pagamos para poder ter o dano e a defesa no age dos itens, agora os mesmos não existem, então vão fazer quando a devolução do nosso dinheiro?
Spyro   10/8/2021 2:22:07 PM
What robe can stand now in kavas without die? Should only reduce damage or hp mobs kavas not reduce def hp bufs to all chars omg, nice balance. Tell me what robe with 20-25k def can survive to kavas now. This have to be a joke update.
Omarion   10/8/2021 2:17:24 PM
very bad update. good luck team PT2
SarahConnor   10/8/2021 1:42:09 PM
Bom dia Equipe, nós investimos dinheiro e tempo de verdade, atras de itens para poder adiquirir esta defesa e dano, é muita falta de respeito da sua parte apenas "nerfar todo o game". Voces deveriam criar conteudos novos, com maiores dificuldades.
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