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Update 1.5.3


Hello Warriors!

Update 1.5.3

This is the release notes...

* Event Instant potions can be sold on NPC

* Chat Channels are active and already with two basic preset channels

* Improvements for class Atalanta
 - Speedy Throwing - Increased by 5% in each level
 - Solid Shield - Added integer damage has been changed to %
 - Spear of Impact - Reduction in PvP only by 25%
 - Fierce Attack - Reduction in casting for 0.1 seconds and increase of 10% chance of hit on each level

* Adequacy of basic values of Verberatus MOB
 - Reduction of 25% HP
 - Defense reduction of 5%
 - Exp increase of 5%
 - 1 level reduction for each

* Level reduction for MOB Anduhals from Desert Of Frontier

* Return core with increased packs and reduced weight

* Norm. and Spec. Cell (Jera) already pre-included in the NPC "Specialized Dealers Association"

* Enhancements to the launcher
 - Close button (X)
 - RESET button now only resets game settings

NOTE: To re-update, you need to install manual patch

* NEW system for use of "One Shot Aging" through ITEM MALL

NOTE: More information and functional tutorial coming soon in our FORUM

NOTE OF CLARIFICATION: We have changed our hosting and maybe some functionalities of the site will gradually return.
We count on the support and understanding of all.

Best regards;
Priston Tale 2 Team



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