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Update 1.6.1 (Lost Valley) - Release Notes


"The Lost Valley"

The rich and audacious twins Arius from the Sophetio Tribe, who heard from a Brave Man about the existence of a territory beyond Desert of Frontier and still unexplored by Prinstonians, decided to finance an exploration expedition to this place. They formed an alliance with a group of rebel Anduhals from the Order of Midranda, led by General Kazzar, and also hired the most expensive mercenaries to this mission. In order to open the passage to such territory, The Wise Man, Mr. Ghreet, also from Sophetio Tribe, was called, since it was necessary more than mere physical effort for such a feat, and Ghreet, as frank connoisseur and practitioner of magic, would certainly succeed in this. Mr. Ghreet invited the young Magician Onoki (A simple tribute to the player whom we all miss so dearly and left us in mid-2017) and an Anduhal Priestess, from the group of Gen. Kazzar, for the construction of the passage.

Lost Valley, as it is now known, is a huge place where you can find the most beautiful and voracious landscapes, which diversify from hostile to mild, where colossal criatures and mystical beings dwell next to buildings still unknown and that border de underworld.

The First Expedition is already in place, waiting for new adventurers to arrive and help them with the best exploration of this new world beyond Desert of Frontier.

Welcome everyone, to the new Lost Valley map!

Hello Warriors!

Update 1.6.1

Hello, Priston Tale 2 warriors, this is the release notes:

*New map "Lost Valley"
 - Access through "Desert of Frontier" or use "Return Core Warp";

 - Only 1 PvP channel with Safe Zones;

 - Buff of Warfare Zone after 1h consecutive in the zone;

 - New NPCs;
  "NPC Onoki, a tribute to the player whom we all miss so dearly and left us in mid-2017."


 - New quests in EN, PT-BR and TUR (from lv. 82 onwards, with depedence of execution of the last quest of "Goblin Valley Master");

 - New materials;

 - Regular Drop of Lost Boxes, including "Lost Box Supreme (A)"

*New items of attack, shield and orbital for lv 80
 - Drop through the new "Lost Box Supreme (W)";
 - Regular Drop of "Lost Box Supreme (W)" in "Lost Valley".

*New accessories lv 80 (ring and collar)
 - Raeda Infernal Amulet (S) - Exclusive Drop in BOSS "Raeda Infernal";

 - Lost Stygian Ring (S) - Exclusive Drop in BOSS "Stygian".

*Exclusive DROP for certain monsters
 - The Stigma of Death (Ring of Darkness elemental Defense) - Exclusive Drop in BOSS "Lost LangedeCiel";

 - Ring of Fire (Ring of Fire elemental defense) - Exclusive Drop in MOB "Infernal";

 - "Sexy Succubus" and "Pure Succubus" (Lapis that can also be purchased in "Lost Box Supreme (A)") - Exclusive Drop in MOB "Succubus".

*New teleportation system for the main cities of the continent of Priston Tale 2
 - Portal Master NPC, near to each city portal and outpost that has a portal (Caeldome, Roxa Fortress, Phillai, Atlan Batlefield, Fogmaze Grove, Navisko and Ruinen);
 - Minimum EONS rate for Warp.

*New configuration on launcher "Options"
 - Disable/Enable Looting Pet Sound.

*New bug fixes at Goblin Valley Master

A new course will be written, we will not stop here, wait and trust, there is much more to come! ;)

Best regards;
Fourge Entertainment and Priston tale 2 Team



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