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Second note of Arena System problem


First of all, we sincerely apologize for the problems that arose in the ARENA system. We know the importance of this competition and the search and dedication of the biggest clans of the game for ARENA.
Because of this we are devoting all our attention to as soon as possible we can present the final resolution to the case.

We of the Fourge Games and Priston Tale 2 Team, understood that for obvious reasons, there was no fault on the part of the clans involved in the final, BRaZuCaS (champion clan) and Mercenarios (challenging clan), we considered fair that the clan champion "BRaZuCaS" should be kept at this post, since they did not have the opportunity to defend themselves in the week of this dispute. Therefore, throughout this week, although the ARENA remained with the problem, the champion clan can collect the rate of the week without major problems.

However, since we have not yet identified the real problem and therefore, we can not give a final position, we do not think it fair that a clan retains full tax on the economy of the game without the regular competitions and therefore the final dispute for the position of weekly champion.

We hope to count on the understanding and support of all, sincerely;
Fourge Games and Priston Tale 2 Team



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