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Update 1.5.8 - Release Notes (Special World Cup Russia 2018)


Hello Warriors!

Update 1.5.8

Hello, Priston Tale 2 warriors, this is the release notes:

*World Cup 2018 Russia Events
 - Ball's Thief Kakoa INVASION - All maps, except Dungeons
(Kakoas invade the continent of the Priston Tale 2 throughout the month of the cup, and carry the World Cup's Balls, as well as excellent DROPs to optimize your character's up.)

 - Quest "Rescue of World Cup's Balls" - In the NPC "Mrs. Livian"
(Collect 20 World Cup's Balls and win a 1-month special title plus 10 World Cup's Buff-Balls.)

*New items to buy with "Destructive Coins" in NPC's "Rare Article Trader".
- Potion HP Giant
- Potion MP Giant
- Devine Force (A)
- Devine Force (D)

*ARENA quests now available until lv 85

*NEW CLAN Quest for GV 79~85 in NPC "Clan Master"

*Attached Guardians (Anti-Bot) to the map "Verberatus"

*Improvement of the blockages and impediments of BUGs in GV 79~85

*Improvement of collecting animations for all Pets (Faster Collection)

*NEW Pet SUPER Ninto on MALL
- Inventory Function
- Summon Function
- Mailing Function
- Buff Function (Melee/Range or Magic)

- Speed 10/10 = 160%(+ 340%)
- Range 10/10 = 15M(+ 30M)
- Inventory 10/10 = 40(+50 Spaces)

*Uniforms of the World Cup champion selections for Pets Ninto on MALL
- Brazil
- Germany
- Italy
- Argentina
- Uruguay
- England
- France
- Spain

*Correction of skill description "Speedy Throwing Training" in lv3, from Atalanta

We continue to work to provide the best of the game to everyone. Soon we will have more news, wait! ^^

We count on the understanding of all, regards;

Fourge Games and Priston Tale 2 Team



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