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Update 1.6.3 (Halloween) - Release Notes


Hello Warriors!

Update 1.6.3

Hello, Priston Tale 2 warriors, this is the release notes:
*Halloween Events (Until the end of the week)
 - Pumpking Invasion;
 - Cursed Bridegrooms Invasion;
 - NPC Craft Halloween Pumpking 100% HP/MP (Mr. Pumpkin Ghost).

*Corrections and adjustments
 - Added Pot Rest to NPC General Goods Merchant of Lost Valley;

 - Added projectiles of grid Jera to the "Projectile Function" of Pet;

 - Corrections in NPCs/MOB of "Lost Valley" for Turkish and Portuguese;
 - Reduced Lv required of the Special Premium Card (EXP; Aging Gyfu, Nied; Spec; DROP and Pet) for lv 10;
 - Introduced Respawn of Terrible Guardians in training sector in Navisko (entry by Forgotten);

 - Introduced NEW Material Craft, "Adamantium Gemstone", to the regular DROP in Lost Valley.

*NEW Premium Items

 - Premium Platinum Box - (on ITEM MALL);

 - Premium Diamond Box - (on ITEM MALL);

 - Special Card Premium SUPER EXP (only for Lv 75+) - (on ITEM MALL);

   ºAWARDS(200 Fame Points, 1 EXP UP 600%, 1 Moon Rabbie (1 Day) 100% and 250 Survival Coins)

   ºAWARDS TO CHOOSE(5 Halloween Pumpkin 100% or 5 Survival Crystal for summon an allied monster or 30 HP Giant or 30 MP Giant)

 - Special Card Premium Aging [Jera] (only for Lv 75+) - (on ITEM MALL);

   ºAWARDS(150 Fame Points, 1 Anti-Destroying Scroll Jera, 15 Awells, 150 Runestone Jera and 100 Enchant Cell Jera)

   ºAWARDS TO CHOOSE(5 Halloween Pumpkin 100% or 5 Survival Crystal for summon an allied monster or 25 Runestone Jera or 20 Enchant Cell Jera)

 - Summon Crystal Twin Savnok Gv8x (Does not count quest) - (on Premium Platinum Box);

 - Summon Crystal Narahan Gv8x (Does not count quest) - (on Premium Diamond Box);

 - Gatherer magnifier 150% 1H - (on Premium Diamond Box);

 - Gatherer goggles 150% 1H - (on Premium Diamond Box);

 - Trained Rabbie (5 days) 150% - (on Premium Diamond Box);

 - EXP UP 600% 1H - (on reward of Special Card SUPER EXP).

We are still working to bring another great update, please wait! ;)

Best regards;
Fourge Entertainment and Priston Tale 2 Team



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