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Release 2.1.5


Fourge Games

Release 2.1.5

Hello Warriors! In this update we have the following news.

* Corona virus “2nd wave”

Our territory has just had a new one where Corona virus, however, this time the victims were our pets. All pets were affected, except the Rotter, he was preventing himself using brand and alcohol at all times.
Due to this sad news, our pet friends are medical license, and all available Rotter’s have been summoned to replace the role of the other Pet’s.
All Rotter’s have undergone rigorous training in order to learn the skills of all pets, so no skills will be lost during this pandemic event.
Enjoy, take the clothes out of the closet and make your Rotter as different as possible.

- Fixed critical problem
- Remove force from sell and shop
- Double shop event - end in 30/08/2020.
- New event "Corona Virus 2nd Wave". Double drop and exp - End in 08/09/2020



**140 character limit, 30 seconds between posts.

Avantika   9/11/2020 3:44:20 PM
Quero saber porque esse evento pet não foi retirado junto com o double, afinal estava programado pra ser retirado na mesma data. Quero o kakoa de volta, comprei um kakoa e não um rotter.
Kaidan   9/1/2020 11:22:30 AM
Tem dinheiro pra por na staem?
MakarioS   8/31/2020 11:43:45 PM
Cês tá ligado que cês ainda joga? KKKKKK
Thana   8/28/2020 10:59:03 AM
alguem consegue explicar o que seria esse evento do pet que eu ainda não entendi?
Psicose   8/28/2020 8:48:15 AM
Cês tá ligado que esss fumaça do corona da mais lag e mais crítico? Não é possível que sejam tão burros assim
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