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Razer Event


Hello, Priston Tale warriors!

Now your credits are worth coupons to bid on this wonderful Gamer Kit Razer Cyclosa Abyssus 1800DPI!

That's right! When you buy your credits, you earn coupons to compete.

ALL values compete !!!

10.000GC - 1 coupon
25.000GC - 3 coupons
50.000GC - 6 coupons
75.000GC - 10 coupons
100.000GC - 13 coupons
150.000GC - 20 coupons
220.000GC - 30 coupons

From time to time the coupons are sent to NPC Willy, so from the moment of purchase they will arrive in that time for the highest lv character of the buying account.
To validate the coupons, you must go to the NPC "The Ruffle, Taegon" in the 3 main cities of the continent of Priston Tale 2 and then activate the coupons one by one.

The promotion will be held throughout September and the draw will take place in the first week of October.
The champion will be announced in our media and contacted to schedule and formalize the submission.
NOTE: All purchases made as of September 1st are already within the promotion and buyers can now secure their coupons at Willy.

Do not waste any more time, guarantee your chances of tonifying your UP!



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