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Note for clarification


Hello, warriors of Priston Tale 2!

First of all we want to apologize for any and all inconvenience caused in the doings of the last 24 hours.

In fact we detected several undue occurrences of "Lost Box Supreme (W)" items but that came from the "World Cup's Ball".
We understand that this was originally a mistake of ours, but whoever detected it and did not report it to us promptly certainly undercut a lot our work, which could be simpler now.

We inform you that all "World Cup's Ball" have been deleted and also the items coming from them.

All players who have exchanged items and/or made aging, will have their items returned, as well as those who consumed credits with this will have their credits reversed, this process will take the maximum term of 7 days, to which we will strive for completion as soon as possible.

Feel free to contact us for further clarification.

NOTE 1: Items that indeed came from "Lost Box Supreme (W)" were not deleted.

NOTE 2: As a form of retraction the events of the day will be active until 00:00GMT.

We count on your understanding.

Best regards;
Fourge Games Entertainment and Priston Tale 2 Team



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Witch   10/6/2018 3:07:29 AM
I had a lot of World Cup's Ball and also in other char. now all is gone ... O.MG
Condinii   10/5/2018 5:50:53 PM
o meu ta dando erro DLBT.dll
Havena   10/5/2018 4:41:12 PM
e porque minha conta foi banida? se o erro foi de vcs?
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