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Extraordinary Cruel Master Erigol Event


Hello warriors of Priston Tale 2!

We now present our extraordinary "Cruel Master Erigol" event!

To compete simply create a video killing the mighty BOSS "Cruel Master Erigol" with your friends and post it on YouTube by September 15th following the rules below:

-Maximum group of 12 characters (it can be in "Allied Party"), there can be no alternation of more than 12 different players during the execution of the BOSS;
-The video must have at minimum 1:30 in duration and at maximum 5:00;
-The video needs to show the start of execution and the death of the BOSS, but obviously does not need to show the entire execution;
-Editions and cuts that do not compromise the proper interpretation of the execution of the BOSS are released;
-The video title must contain the names "Priston Tale 2" and "Fourge Games", plus the title itself at your discretion;
-Post it on YouTube until September 15th;
-Post link with the YouTube channel name and nickname of each character involved with the BOSS execution on the topic created for it in our FORUM(;
-Any shares of the video posted on YouTube on any social medias (Facebook, Instagram and Twitter) are released for a wider viewing range, but it is needed to mark our pages on those social medias.

On September 30th, the 5 videos with the most amount of views and likes will be evaluated and then the best video voted by our creative team will be selected to receive a special "Unique" and "Soul" necklace named "Cruel Master Erigol Necklace" lasting 30 days for each of the players (up to a maximum of 12) involved with the BOSS execution in the video. At the botton of this post will be the status of this necklace.

Players appearing in the top 5 most viewed videos will be entitled to a bonus of 25% more on any credit purchase made on our site until the end of October.

And the YouTube channel responsible for posting the video with the most views and likes will get a 100.000GC and 20.000BC package for your main account.

Remember, the video must be posted by September 15th, 2019, and the view counts will take place on September 30th, and any numbers after those dates will not be validated.

**STATUS "Cruel Master Erigol Necklace**
Attack Power: 30
Magic Power: 30
Increasing HP: 2000
Increasing MP: 1000
Regenerating HP: 200
Regenerating MP: 120
Add Intelligence: +9
Add Health: +7
Add Talent: +7
Ice Resistance 10
Fire Resistance 10
Dark Resistance 10

Good luck to everyone!

Best regards;
Priston Tale 2 Team and Fourge Entertainment



**140 character limit, 30 seconds between posts.

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