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Release 2.2.6 - Skills


Release Skills 2.2.6

SKILL :  Detoxifcation
Changed the effect and available from lvl 1 to 10. Increasing the critical rate.
SKILL :  Agile Movement
Changed to magical and physical evasion in percent.

SKILL :  Dark Technical
Additional changed for constitution.

SKILL :  Poison Attack
Increased Debuff Effect and time duration.

SKILL :  Multi-Slash
Reduce cooldown duration by 50%.

SKILL :  Loud Scream
Increased the number of affected players to 20.

SKILL :  Fatal Reveal
Increases 50 from your base critical.

SKILL :  Nature of Darkness
Increased strength additions.

SKILL :  Poison Plaster
Increasing the debuff duration to 30 seconds.

SKILL :  Dark Attack
Fixed lvl 10 damage.
SKILL :  Shadow Tracer
Changed the debuff effect to decrease the target's attack speed for 20 seconds.

SKILL :  Trick
New effect to decrease the target's hit rate in 5%.

SKILL :  Dark Distinction
Increasing buff durability from 30 seconds to 10 minutes on all lvls.

SKILL :  Fatal Blow
Changed the second effect, now has a 50% chance to cause a debuff that reduces the target's defense by 16% at lvl 10 for 30 seconds.

>>> PRIST <<<
SKILL : Prohibited Deal
All skills that needed it activated, now it doesn't need it anymore.
We will soon find a new effect for this Prohibited Deal Prist.

SKILL : Light Protector
Reduced CD to 60 seconds. 
 Skilled Hunter e Sharp Spear
 Fixed skill lvl 10.
 >Itens: Added Casting on orbs.



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AdminTest2019   1/26/2021 12:49:29 PM
Hello Guys, skill Light Protector, will be resolved in the next update, sorry for mistake
Witch   1/26/2021 5:19:55 AM
Light Protector still got 180 sec. CD ... :)
Neliel   1/26/2021 12:06:18 AM
SKILL : Light Protector Reduced CD to 60 seconds not true
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