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Release 3.1.2


Fourge Games






Release notes 3.1.2


-Enabled Look change in Brondra and Rhandra set
-Adjustment amount of awell and aging sigel materials
-Reduce MP of 9x Warrior and Combatant skills
-Enabled Paladin's Skills to use with sword or shield

In order to bring back each character's core, we are working on item and skill status updates.
Due to the way the defense works, new updates will be needed, this is the first step.

- Adjusted defence Pure Succubus
- Adjusted defence title Earth
- Adjusted defense of Shield and "Orb Power" of all itens
- Status adjustment on Heavy items
- Fixed additional critical in Healm Heavy
- Added defense and HP on aging Orb
- Increase block, evasion and HP of Shields and Orbs

-------------------------- Event -------------------------
Stating today with the pumpking Halloween invasion

During the month of October

Event material rate 1.5x finished.

Bless Castle Event.

The secreat has been reveal, the smoke has fade up, and you are there....
the daily arena at Monday, Wednesday, Friday and Saturday will be take place in Bless castle with a entire new system.

The Final arena will be as usual on "Arena" system, not will be take place at Bless Castle.

This event will has the duration of two or three week, and will be used to adjust and improve all information about the Bless Castle.


Castle Door = 500 points

Tower = 200 points

Valhalla = 2000 points

Kill points 10
Duration 40 minutes
Goal point 2000

The Bless Castle reward will be with "Bless Castle Medal"
there is no more reward send to Willy NPC of final arena.






Skill adjustment


(NEW) Just - Incresae max HP lvl 30,40,60,70
Saint's Blessing - Status adjustment




Roar of Knight - Back status to Health
Holy strength - Status adjustment
Sword Training - Status adjustment
Swift Counterattack - Status adjustment




Immortal Warrior - New animation/effect
Elemental Resistance - Status adjustment.




(NEW) Tornado - Skill area Lvl 80,90 and 92
Siege Escape - Status adjustment
Physical Stance - Status adjustment
Disarmament - Status adjustment lvl 10
Heavy Swing - Status adjustment
Avenging Crash - Status adjustment

Skill adjustment


Soul of Bear - Status adjustment
Wolf's Spirit - Adjusted status
Thorn Armor - Status adjustment
Clinging Spirit - Changed to strength
Solid Leather - Status adjustment
(NEW) Massive Healing - Recovers HP in area
(NEW) Brutal Blow - 2 hit, area



Horn Flute of the Battle - Status adjustment
Raising Blade - Increase buff duration




Weapon Skill Improvement - Status adjustment
Elemental Resistance - Status adjustment


Priston Tale 2 Team.



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