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Release 3.3.3 Seal & Circle and Fighter new Skills


Fourge Games


Release notes 3.3.3


Hello warriors.


It is with great pleasure that we announce the seal and circle system in Priston Tale 2


- New skills for Fighter


- Fixed aging staff and wand + 19 210% power


- Fixed aging effect on Spears





Seal & Circle is a system which creates sockets into an item for Seal(s) to be inserted in. By putting Seals into the sockets of an item, it becomes more powerful in battle. Seals have a duration of 60 minutes, and can be used until the timer run out and then you can put a new SEAL on it.



Armors and weapons can be upgraded with Sockets which will allow Seals to be inserted for bonus stats. Items can have 3 socket


To add sockets to an item, speak to the Seal & Circle Master, Holet in Caeldome and click on "Seal & Circle" (Must have a profession before using Seal & Circle)(Pike and Fighter cannot pierce items).




Place the item you want to add a socket into the white outlined box in the window. You will need to supply Sealing Holes to create sockets. In order to craft items that contain sockets, the item must be at least level 20 (Feoh).






There is a chance that this process may fail, and the weapon will be destroyed but the runestones will come back.

 The chance of success is 25%, don't risk your only item.





A new socket will appear at the bottom of the item info if it was successful.




Now that you've added sockets to the items of your choice, it's time to create some stamps to place in the sockets. Seals are consumable items. There are many types of seals that can be created.

Seals are only valid on certain items (e.g. Melee Attack Power can only be attached to weapons)


Some seals are available for drop and NPC. Soon we will provide new Seals.

Supplier, Anes




Now that you have Seals to be placed into the sockets of your item, press "V" to open the Seal & Circle window. The window shows all the sockets on each socketed item that is equipped.






While the socketed item is equipped on your character, you will see its associated icon type lit up. For example, if you created sockets for a bow and equiped it, then the Sword and Shield icon will be lit up (not greyed out). Drag the Seals you've created into the sockets for that item.




Once it is equipped, on the bottom left corner of the window will appear a play button. The button can be dragged into the Hot Key Window. As it's shown above (Screenshot),each created sockets can be equipped and all can be activated by pressing the "All" button.


Seals that are equipped in the sockets can be checked by pressing "C".


As it shows on the Screenshot below, little blue spheres will float around the weapon (shields don't show any effect).





Seals have a timer shown above them, which lasts for a hour until the effect goes away. Right click on the lit icon to activate the effect and click it again to pause it. For convenience, you can drag this icon from the Seal & Circle window to your Quick Slots.



 Once the Seal runs out of time, you can insert another Seal into the socket again. Note: you cannot stack two of the same Seals into an item that have the same level.




Suggestions about the class are welcome on our discord or ticket

Did you know that we have a partnership with noping?



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Priston Tale 2 Team.



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biglol   4/28/2022 8:52:13 PM
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biglol   4/28/2022 8:49:16 PM
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