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Release 3.3.8 New Class - Kina


Fourge Games


Release notes 3.3.8


New class Kina





There is no better word to define the braviest warrior of the priston world.
to be at your side, aways.
that is the words for those who chose this journy.
may the light guide you, the strength of midranda follow you and the heart of the ancients show you the way.




Available skills




 To create a Kina just create the base model of the Kina, in Morion, and not do class quests for Paladin/Valiant.



Game Adjust



Fixed Dual Sword and Dagger damage on pvp and pve.


 Increased stack of Awell to 9999





Improve Aging sucess rate to +14


Reduction of Mortal skill fame requiredl


 New Seals available






 Catastropic Prefix
 Adjust  to 100 attack power


 Ruler Suffix
 Adjust  to 1000 additional HP






Ice Power
Spear Training

Status adjust

Side Spin Attack
Status increased and can now hit in area

Assassin Eye
Increased status and change to area effect

Final Spear
Bleed the targets

Available skills mortal




Available skill mortal





Archery Training
Force of Nature
Status adjust


Dark Hunter

Hunting Skill

Status adjust




Suggestions about the class are welcome on our discord or ticket


  Did you know that we have a partnership with noping?


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Priston Tale 2 Team.



**140 character limit, 30 seconds between posts.

Omarion   6/11/2022 11:30:16 PM
mi mi mi xD
biglol   6/1/2022 3:56:45 PM
map 9x mob 9x drop box item 8x is normaly for gm ? 94 95 1h play 0.10 % end play for me only play arenna end buy gc . big time no even xp .
SrKing   5/30/2022 10:55:08 PM
baixei joguei 4 min desinstalei,mudou nada kkk classes novas? essas classe e do pt 1
Impre   5/28/2022 9:30:32 AM
Já que deu a louca nas classes, faz o mago feminino ai
Zerotwoxx   5/28/2022 5:14:03 AM
I was hoping for a mele female class...way too many male mele classes and very few options if you want to play female.
Krell   5/27/2022 11:14:12 PM
quem vai querer 100 de hp?
Jomba   5/27/2022 2:08:48 PM
aumenta o xp dos mapas upar só em dg é um saco essas quest de mapa ficaram de enfeite pq não tem motivação pra upar em mapa
  5/27/2022 6:20:27 AM
The new character is good. You got to make new maps. The game has not been entered since yesterday. and exp event is needed.
  5/26/2022 9:58:11 PM
vai demora mais 32 dias pro servidor voltar?? pow quero upa. a classe que criei esses dias
  5/26/2022 9:52:22 PM
direto classe nova. mds. pq não melhora o paladino vei. caralho fora que os exp dos mapas tão uma merda..... balaceamento de classe e bom né . ta falindo pra tanta classe nova assim??
Impre   5/26/2022 9:16:54 PM
ngm quer saber de classe nova nao adm, melhora as que ja tem ze
mulatres   5/26/2022 9:15:30 PM
Se melhorar xp do mapa, vai melhorar a chance de ter mais PvP. Aí sim será maneiro!
Lizandra   5/26/2022 8:56:24 PM
mano na moral melhora a xp dos mapas. nem sempre tem pt pra fazer GV ou CC. e a xp dos mapas ta horrivel
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