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Cupom 20% off: Pristontale2

Update 3.5.4


Fourge Games


Release notes 3.5.4



Change 3 itens Battle Pass

Seal Critical, fixed for use on Helmet

Time increase for daily quests 91+ and monster reduction

Cryshu Circus 8x changed level to 84-89

Improved orb 95


30% off on Battle Pass




105.000 GC
(promotion tab)


Fixed Dual dagger and Sword damage(skill)


Card Battle Pass UPDATE

* Force D (pass) +400 defence.
* Force A (pass) +10% attack.
* Pendant (pass) Silver
* EXP 200% (pass)
* Gatherer Magnifier 100% (pass)
* Scavenger Magnifier 100% (pass)
* Scavenger Goggle 100% (pass)

* Gatherer Goggles100%(pass)
* Melee attack power +150 (pass)
* Range attack power +150 (pass)
* Magic attack power +150 (pass)
* Critical Increase +200 (pass)(UPDATE)
* Defensive power +2500 (pass)(UPDATE)
* Max HP +2500 (pass)(UPDATE)
* Block rate +50 (pass)
* Evasion rate +250 (pass)
* Magic Evasion +250 (pass)
* Max MP +1000 (pass)

1) Once you purchase the Battle Pass you will recive the item from "P" window, that item is a invite to Battle Pass and can be trade, sell with anyone you want.
2) Once the invite is used you will recive the special item from Willy, and that item need to be put on the special slot on your character
3) When you relog you will see a new icon apper on botton right, once you click on that item you be able to acess the inventory of Battle Pass



Watch the video: Priston Tale 2 - Battle Pass 2022





Suggestions about the class are welcome on our discord or ticket


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Cupom 20% off: Pristontale2


Priston Tale 2 Team.



**140 character limit, 30 seconds between posts.

LioNofSeX   10/7/2022 9:05:14 PM
now it is no fun leveling from 90 to 92.... either make kavas 90 better or change it back. thank you
BjornIIronside   10/7/2022 3:28:38 PM
horrivel! pqp
GallenKotzer   10/7/2022 9:18:26 AM
Das wird ja immer schlimmer hier.
TiraniUs   10/7/2022 12:40:44 AM
ai vem faz uma atualização de merda e tira CC 84 - 91. Então pra que colocaram? e como vcs colocam uma dg que da exp apenas pra quem tam 92 ? vcs nao tem noção mesmo. quer dizer que o cara vai upar 90 ao 92 em mapa ? exp de mapa é bom?
TiraniUs   10/7/2022 12:39:09 AM
que bosta heim... vcs só fazem merda por cima de merda nesse jogo. como vc colocam CC que era 84-89 pra 84-90 e depois pra 84-91.
KimYoJong   10/7/2022 12:16:53 AM
do nada?
AlGaddafi   10/7/2022 12:16:06 AM
reverte que eh melhor KKKKKKKKKK
Drippyy   10/7/2022 12:15:41 AM
worst update for ever ... smh
Urso   10/7/2022 12:14:53 AM
Update horrivel kkk 40k de def tomando HK dentro da cc
PKQwertas   10/7/2022 12:14:41 AM
o jogo deveria ficar mais "fácil " para players novos, sem falar que é impossível achar uma pt 6/6 ( full ) pra cc.
PKQwertas   10/7/2022 12:13:33 AM
CC 84-89 ficou inviável, moob mais fortes , sem condições péssimo update, favor rever.
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