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Tornament postponed


 Fourge Games



Priston Tale II 2022 PvP Schedule


Due to lack of subs and some feedback about the date and schedule we are postponing the Tournament to 10/29 starting on 16 GMT until 21 GMT;

- Battle pass has removed.


Today we have a EXP X3 event and Double Shop, until tournament day.

Register free for Tournament PVP


"The fear make no enemies; the fear make runners.

the blood run thru us all, a bit taste of blood is there

make then shine, make them fight"

                                                               - Midranda's




- You will be invite for the PvP Arena for the GM when your time is come, when you teleport you need to active pvp mode.


- You will have to wait behind the gate, and when it opens the fight will begin.


- The gate will close after 40 seconds, you will not be able to return to base.

- Only the middle gate will open.

- Every kill you count as 1 point, only the first player who dies will count.

- You win a match when you got 2 points.

- Once a kill happen the player need to wait for the Start from GM to fight again.

- There is no time reserve to restore your HP, you need to keep eye on it.

- Every match will have 15 min (5+5+5) at max, if no one dies none player will points.

- If the match end 0-0 the player who have the High EXP will win ( in case of lvl 99 it will be the longest time online after reaching lvl 99)

- Once the battle is finish every player will be summon to Caeldome.

- There is no BUY/Repot/NPC during the Battle;

- The Final match will have 25 min at Max,
if no one dies the player who have the high exp will win.

- There is no restriction for any kind of items;

- If you disconnect or leave the game your time still runs out, if that is the case you lose the match

- If some hack attempt is detect the player will be immediately disqualify;


For the 1º, 2º and 3º place we prepare

- Exclusive PvP Tournament Title.

- Exclusive PvP Tournament Mount.

- GC (Game cash)


(3x3) and (6x6)

Award to be decided according to the demand for records


Keep tune with YouTube, twitch and discord, we will have a live stream of Tournament.



Suggestions about the class are welcome on our discord or ticket


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Cupom 20% off: Pristontale2


Priston Tale 2 Team.



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