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Cupom 20% off: Pristontale2

Release 3.7.8


Fourge Games


Discover the New Mounts in Priston Tale 2!



Season of Peace and Cooperation: Today we kick off the Season of Peace in Priston Tale 2! This season will bring a series of updates and changes focused on PvE content and the challenges that the game offers. Get ready to explore new maps, encounter brand-new monsters, discover new sets and mounts, level up with new experiences, and embark on exciting quests.

One of the exciting additions is the creation of an nPvP channel in all game maps, providing more areas and options for players. For those who are passionate about PvP, don't worry, we are working on very special content related to the most intense battles in the game. Prepare yourselves for new arena content, battle rewards, and brand-new rankings... and this is just the beginning!

Let's mark this Season of Peace with the potential that the community can bring to the game! We invite you to participate and lend a helping hand to that fellow player who has long been asking you to tank the dungeon. We always rely on your feedback to improve the game and attract new players! And stay tuned, there's much more to come!

Adventurers of Priston Tale 2, get ready for an exciting update!

We are proud to introduce new mounts that will transform your journey.
Explore the world with unparalleled style and speed as you ride our amazing newly arrived mounts.

Don't waste any time, enhance your gaming experience with these breathtaking mounts. Get yours now and leave everyone in awe as you ride through the lands of Priston Tale 2. Be the center of attention and showcase your unique style!

Don't miss this opportunity! Log in today and embark on this new adventure in Priston Tale 2!

The new mounts are priced at 18,000 GC and last for 30 days.


Choose from Spirit of Onyx




Swift Shadow





Polar Howl




Aurora's Horn




 Enchanted Paw




Changes in Classes



Weapon Master


Adjusted from 28% to 30% at level 10




Increased damage at all levels



Increased damage at all levels
Changed area damage for single target

Brutal swing


Increased damage at all levels

Triple impact


Increased Cooldown to 20 sec
Increased damage at all levels

Rage of zecram


Reduced effect time to 20 sec
Decreased tick time to 2 sec
Increased elemental damage to 200
Cooldown Increased to 15 sec

Bone crash


Reduced Cooldown to 10 sec

Cyclone Strike


Increased damage at all levels,
Reduced tick time bleed to 2 sec
Cooldown increased to 20 sec

Down hit


Cooldown increased to 25 sec
MP cost increased to 650

Mortal blow


Changed area damage for single target

Power dash


Reduced Cooldown to 10 sec
Range increased to 24 meters
reduced damage
Duration increased to 6 sec - 50% PvP


Bloody Berserker


Description change:
[Does not stack with Weapon Master skill]


Shout of Provocation

Skill removed from character




MP Cost: 325
Casting Range: 350
Casting Time: 0.1
Usage: Battle/Peace
Cooldown: 15 sec
Limited Level: 30
Skill Type: Active
Skill Point: 1


Prevents the opponent from using any type of magic skill for 6 sec
[Time 50% PvP]


Changes to the world experience

Kavas 9x

Increased by 2x current EXP
Decreased 10% of monsters' HP
Monsters in General

Arena Monsters 9x

HP reduced by 15%
Reduced respawn time

Desert of Frontier

HP reduced by 10%
Reduced respawn time


HP reduced by 10%
Reduced respawn time

Ancestor Land 9x

Reduced 20% of monsters' HP
Reduced respawn time

Lost valley

HP reduced by 25%
Reduced respawn time

Iron Chaos

HP reduced by 20%
Reduced 20% defense
Reduced respawn time




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Cupom 20% off: Pristontale2

Priston Tale 2 Team.



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xTuaPrimax   6/9/2023 12:40:06 AM
doidera esse rush ai 24m, desnecessário kkkkkkkkkkkkkkk bota o título Game Master na cabeça do fs de uma vez.
Osaku   6/9/2023 12:32:43 AM
Melhora o kina aí...Sem skill passiva de resistência....tem mais defesa e ataque do que fighter, mas não aguenta nada.
elemiahh   6/9/2023 12:19:52 AM
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