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New map Ice Land


Fourge Games


Update 4.0.0






A new era in our continent!


We are thrilled to announce the release of update 4.0.0, which brings exciting features and content to elevate your gaming experience to new heights. Get ready to explore Ice Land, venture into frozen lands, and discover epic challenges!

New Level Cap 110:

Now you can take your character even further! The level cap has been increased to 110, allowing you to unlock new skill levels and strengthen your hero like never before.

Explore Ice Land:

A new epic map has been discovered! Ice Land is a frozen world, filled with breathtaking landscapes and powerful enemies. To enter this new territory, head to the Pillay map and prepare for an exhilarating journey.


Ice Land Map

Challenge the Ice Land Boss

Although Ice Land is a land full of challenges, it is not yet time to face the fearsome boss of the map. Stay tuned for future updates, as it will soon be available to test your skills and offer great rewards.

New Attack Items:


Now you can dominate the battlefield with unprecedented power! We introduce a new set of attack items, specifically designed to enhance your offensive abilities and ensure your advantage in battles.

Reconstruction of Aging and Spec Mechanics for Items:

We have improved the Aging and Spec mechanics for items to provide a more balanced and strategic experience. Now, the new level 100 items are available in four categories:
 Nied, Jera, Siegel, and the newly added Beorc.

Although they share the same stats, each category has a unique "speck" and "aging" progression, with Beorc being the best and Nied being the worst.

Changes to Rings and Additions:

We have made some important changes to the rings to promote a more balanced gameplay. Attack bonuses and HP/MP regeneration have been removed. Additionally, the following rings have had their additional stats removed:
 Lost Stygian Ring (S),
Lost Stygian Ring (S),
and Phantom Ring.

Update to Elemental Rings:

The elemental rings have also received an upgrade!
Resistance rings now provide an additional 1500 HP, increasing their effectiveness in defense against powerful enemies. The rings affected by this improvement are:
Ring of Fire, Snow Crystals, Goddess Sign, Branch of World Tree, and The Stigma of Death.

We are excited about all the changes and additions that this update brings to our game. We hope you make the most of these new features and continue to explore this vast world of adventure and challenges!

Enjoy exploring Ice Land, enhancing your items, and becoming increasingly powerful. See you in the game!

This is just the first version of the Ice Land map, many surprises are yet to come this month. Stay tuned for more exciting updates and content!




These are the new Beorc items:


Runestone Beorc


Norm. Cell Beorc




Enchant Cell Beorc

Spec. Cell Beorc


Mirage Force (A)

Mirage Force (D)



New items level 100











 All lvl 5 Clan have the points wiped, a new competition begin!



Last Updates:


- 2 New boss

-Adjustment in patrols

- Adjustment to monster skills




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Priston Tale 2 Team.



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AshesIllia   7/9/2023 11:41:57 PM
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