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Release 4.0.5


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Priston Tale 2


Priston Tale 2 Update: Patch Notes

 Release 4.0.5

Welcome to the latest Priston Tale 2 update! We've made exciting changes to enhance your gameplay experience. Check out the details below:




Attempt to reduce the number of BOTS in the game
Some areas of the game received a skill system for checking BOT
At each check the player will need to deactivate the skill that will appear to him as a BUFF, his character will also appear inside a red bubble. If he does not disable the skill, he will have his MP drained, attack and defense reduced.



Fixed use of Seal on Beorc items and Pike, Kina and fighter classes

Quest Improvements:

Increased item rewards in 3x, 4x, and 5x quest tiers.
Reworked all quests 9x+
Add tracking feature to level 90+ quests to help you stay on track.

Gold Mine:

Reduced HP of the last Boss and increased damage.


Class Skill Adjustments:


Reduced animation time for all skills.
Power Dash: Range adjusted to 9m.
Down Hit: Damage increased to 300% at all levels.
Berserker: Duration decreased to 30 seconds.
Raving: Added area damage effect, affecting up to 5 targets.
Swift Axe: Changed to a passive skill, providing Constitution bonus.
Fire Resistance: Reduced to level 5.


Shout of Fury: Reduced to 1 skill point, PvP reduction removed.
Severance of Skill: Reduced to 1 skill point, PvP reduction removed.
Siege Escape: Reduced to 1 skill point, PvP reduction removed.


Impact of Land: Adjusted stun hit chance.
Hand-To-Hand Fight: Increased range to 9 meters.


Warning Shot: Distance adjustment, adjustment for single target, decreased chance to hit.
Jumping Shot: Cooldown adjusted to 25 seconds.
Archery Training: Improved additional effect.
Soul Of Valkyrie: Removed defense bonus.


Taming Weapon: Reduced to 6 levels.
Horn Flute of the Battle: Enhanced bonus at levels 5 and 6.


Godly Shield: Removed.
Divine Shield: Renamed to Divine Will, changed to Strength passive.
Adjustments to skills animation time..



Reduced skill animation time for level 90.


Reduced skill animation time for level 90.

Rush of Defense: PvP reduction removed.
Cooldown increased to 20 seconds.

Sword Training: Increased additional effect at all levels.



Heavy Spirit: Duration adjusted.
Lightning Shock: Reduced distance to 15m, decreased cooldown to 20 seconds.


Holy Strength: Removed.
Divine Lightning: Reduced targets, increased cooldown, PvP reduction removed.
Glacial Spike: Increased cooldown, decreased damage.

Vurture Soul: New skill
Hand of Reconstruction: Increased HP recovery at all levels



Reduced animation time for all skills.
Spear Training: Increased additional effect at all levels.
Ice Power: Enhanced additional effect.
New skill add: Constitution, adds Constitution attribute.

Dark Hunter:

Cast Block: 50% PvP


Thrust: Removed.
Surprise Attack: PvP penalty removed.
Eye Poke: PvP penalty removed.


Abundance of Nature: Removed.
Survival Skills: Changed to percentage based.
Wild Race: PvP penalty removed.


Warm Light: Removed area healing.
Blessing Cradle: Adjusted healing value ajusted duration to 10 seconds.
Fixed bug with Idol of Knowledge.
Blessing of Nature: Removed.

All Toten skills increased range to 10 meters.


Decayed Life: Inflicts 2000 damage and reduces target's Dark resistance by 20.0 for 12 seconds.
Wave of Heal: Changed to Wave of Dark, deals instant area damage to up to 6 targets.
Composite Ball: New configuration, summons a gradual damage debuff in an area.
Multi Sparkle: Transformed into an instant skill, dark.



Dive into the updated Priston Tale 2 now and experience the enhanced gameplay and new challenges that await you. See you in the world of Priston Tale 2!







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Priston Tale 2 Team.



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PKQwertas   8/12/2023 6:05:30 PM
Bom Update, sistema antibot perfeito, estou impressionado.
FEFEL   8/12/2023 5:37:10 PM
Só sei dizer uma coisa. Tiraram o original do jogo quase todo. Colocaram o balanceamento voltado a jogadores que mudaram todas as skill por que acham melhor.
Neptune   8/12/2023 5:31:52 PM
Finally Anti Bot System (despite unfortunately late), but very nice update and adjustments, keep going with this! In this way the game will definely improvement .Congratulations
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