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Release 4.0.7


Fourge Games


Priston Tale 2



Update 4.0.7

Crafting Upgrades:

The crafting system is undergoing a significant overhaul, and it all begins with weapons.
Introducing brand-new level 70 weapons to the Crafting system, adding depth to your arsenal.

Item Refinements:

- Prices for items at level 80 and beyond have been adjusted for fairness and value.
- Speck for items that were previously not functioning properly have been rectified.
- Wands now boast a reduced additional status.
- Staff damage has been boosted by an impressive 20% for more impactful magic wielding.
- Corrected the status values for shields and orbs.
- Orbs increase30% increase in HP,
- Elemental resistance.
- Magic Evasion increase 10% and MP Regeneration.

Removed time limits on level 90+ Kavas quests

Character Enhancements:


Glacial Spike
CD Reduction to 13 sec;

Divine Lightning
CD Reduction and targets increase.
20% reduction in damage across all skill levels Divine Lightning.

Gradual Healing now extends its effect to both the target and caster, offering a more strategic approach to recovery.


Lost Valley's exploration becomes even more rewarding with a doubled experience gain, making your journey through it more gratifying.

Prepare yourself for an enriched gameplay experience, with improved crafting mechanics, balanced items, and character skills. Dive into the enhanced world now and uncover the exciting changes that await you!

Join us in the game and embrace these enhancements firsthand!



Join our discord, there you can send suggestions and participate in polls.

Did you know that we have a partnership with noping?



Cupom 20% off: Pristontale2

Priston Tale 2 Team.



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MayMum   8/26/2023 2:00:23 AM
Vao arrumar o FS quando? porque cagaram nele né, e eu estou querendo voltar jogar, pegar lvl 109 logo.
Zerotwoxx   8/25/2023 12:01:00 AM
after the unfair archer nerfs no ty , iam done for good
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