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Priston Tale 2 Birthday Events


Fourge Games


Priston Tale 2



Another Year of Adventure!

Dear adventurers,

Today, we are thrilled to celebrate another year of Priston Tale 2!

To mark this special occasion, we are delighted to announce a series of exciting events that will run until October 13, 2023:

Double Shop Event:



Enjoy exclusive offers and double the rewards in our virtual store. It's the perfect opportunity to acquire amazing items and further customize your character.

EXP Rate x3 Event:



Accelerate your character's growth with a tripled experience rate. Level up faster than ever and unlock new abilities to face even greater challenges.

Material Rate x3 Event: Finding resources and materials has never been easier. With the tripled material rate, you'll be able to enhance equipment and craft powerful items more efficiently.

Gold Rate x3 Event:



Fill your pockets with gold thanks to a tripled gold rate. Prepare for a life of luxury and acquire valuable items while exploring the world of Priston Tale 2.

These special events are packed with amazing rewards and exciting opportunities to enhance your character. Don't miss this unique chance to celebrate our anniversary in style.

We extend our heartfelt gratitude to all of you for being a part of this incredible journey, and we can't wait to share many more thrilling adventures in the future.

Get ready to explore the world of Priston Tale 2 like never before and be a part of this epic celebration.

Join us and celebrate another year of Priston Tale 2!

May the adventures continue!


The Priston Tale 2 Team




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Cupom 20% off: Pristontale2

Priston Tale 2 Team.



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Omarion   10/8/2023 4:19:21 PM
Nao FEFE its 59 Anos. huehuehue
FEFEL   9/27/2023 5:35:52 PM
2 anos?
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