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Holiday events





July 7th to July 31st

Get ready for a special holiday event in Priston Tale 2! During this period, players will have the opportunity to enjoy a series of enhanced benefits and rewards to make their adventures even more exciting. Check out the details below:

Rate Bonuses
Gold: 2x

All gold rates received from monsters and quests will be doubled. This is your chance to quickly accumulate wealth and invest in better equipment and items.
Drop: 2x

Item drop rates will be doubled, significantly increasing the chances of finding rare and valuable items while exploring the world of Priston Tale 2.
Materials: 2x

The amount of materials obtained from monsters will also be doubled, making the crafting/aging process and equipment upgrades easier.
EXP: 2x

Earn double experience points when defeating monsters. Take advantage of this opportunity to level up faster and strengthen your character.
Double Shop
Throughout the event, all purchases in the game shop will have the Double Shop benefit, where each purchase will yield double the items acquired.
Event Duration
Start: July 7th
End: July 31st
Don't miss this unique opportunity to enhance your character and enrich your experience in Priston Tale 2. Get ready for a month full of adventures and rewards!

See you on the battlefield!



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Cupom 20% off: Pristontale2

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