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Game Rules(updated)
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Getting Started
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  Basic Controls
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  Character Information
  Skill System
  Chat Channels
  Look Change
  First Profession
  Clan Arena
  Destructive Weapons
  Soul Weapons
Item Systems


  Force Orbs
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English Game Rules


All Priston Tale 2 players are responsible for any actions taken on their accounts.
- Priston Tale 2 do not allow sharing account ID and password, we do not provide support for any kind if the problem was in those circumstances
- Any support related to any subject will only be answered if it is within 10 days of the incident. Any support that exceeds the 10-day date will be terminated as unfounded.

1. Defamation, Bulling, Harassment, SPAM, and Inappropriate Language

    1.1 - Intentionally harassing, offending or spreading false rumors about other players in the game.
  • 1st: Warning via game mail
  • 2nd: 1 day ID ban
  • 3rd: or more... ID ban for 3 days

  • 1.2 - Use inappropriate character name (sexual implication or derogatory content to any member of the PT2 community).
  • • In case of inappropriate nickname, you will need to purchase the nick change scroll and nick change request by game support via ticket.

  • 1st: Deleted character if level is less than 10.
  • 2nd: Deleted character and ID lock for 7 days.

  • 1.3 - Insult a GM or any other Priston Tale 2 team member and prevent them from performing their duties.
  • 1st: Warning via game mail and 1 day ban
  • 2nd: or more... ID ban for 3 days

  • 1.4 - Send messages excessively and unnecessarily, ie in bulk (known as spamming).
  • 1st: Warning via game mail
  • 2nd: or more... ID ban for 1 day

  • 1.5 - Promote websites or other products not related to Priston Tale 2.
  • 1st: or more... ID ban for 3 days
2 - Behaviors and Actions

    2.1 - Deliberately kill all monsters around another player in an attempt to stop this player from evolving or completing a goal (Quests, Etc). Such action will not be applied if it occurs on a PVP channel.
  • 1st: Warning via game mail
  • 2nd: ID ban for 1 day
  • 3rd: or more... ID ban for 3 days

3 - Cheating, Theft and Hacking

    3.1 - Steal and use other players' accounts or items through hacking, scamming or cheating.
  • 1st: Permanent Account Ban

  • 3.2 - Pretend to be a GM, or any other member of the official Priston Tale 2 team.
  • 1st: Permanent Account Ban

  • 3.3 - Modify game files using third party programs or manually.
  • 1st: Permanent Account Ban

  • 3.4 - Use known and listed bugs/bugs to gain an unfair advantage.
  • 1st: Subject to review by the Priston Tale 2 team, the punish can be from a permanent banning account, to removing all benefits obtained by the bug.

  • 3.5 - Trading of game characters or accounts, eons or any others previously owned items for real money.
    For example: A player who announces in-game marketing and later is presented with allegations that the character has been sold. (Proof of occurrence required).
  • Our team is not responsible for any negotiations made by players with players.

  • 1st: or more... ID ban for 7 days

  • 3.8 - Duplicate game items.
  • 1st: Permanent Account Ban

4. Aging Items

Every time a player tries to act on an item there is a chance that it will be destroyed. Such a chance increases with items that have already suffered high level acts. To act safely and prevent the item from being destroyed in the process, players must use an Anti-Destroying Scroll every time they attempt to age their item. To prevent the age of your item from going down, players must additionally use an Awell's Protection Scroll.

All players are responsible for acting safely on their items.
Players who have had their age level decreased or broken by not using Awell's Protection Scroll cannot recover their original age level or item under any circumstances.
5. 10 day deadline

  • o Players must report any issues regarding theft, loss or disappearance of their characters' items, etc. within 10 days of the day of the incident. Otherwise, there will be no chance that these items will be recovered and no compensation will be given for them.

  •  o Players must report any event rewards they have not received within 10 days from the time they should have received them. Otherwise, there will be no chance of these rewards being delivered.
6. Credit purchase fraud

  • All IDs that make credit purchases via cash (PayPal, PagSeguro, etc.) attempting to “cheat” (attempts to illegally obtain game credits or system manipulation) will have their IDs permanently blocked. If you have Gift involvement in Shop, we will filter logs and identify possible complicity, if proven, both accounts involved will be banned or items removed.
  • All Ids that open credit disputes via payments (PayPal, PagSeguro, etc.) will have their IDs blocked until payment is settled. If you have Gift involvement in Shop, we will filter logs and identify possible complicity, if proven, both accounts involved will be banned or items remove.
The above rules may be changed by the Priston Tale 2 team at any time.

The above rules may be modified by the Priston Tale 2 team under special circumstances.

All blocked characters or IDs can be unlocked by the account holder by negotiating the purchase of the "Forgiveness Parchment" via a support ticket.